About CS GO Route

How does CS:GO gambling sites work?

To bet CS:GO skins on counter strike gambling sites, you must sign up with your steam account and deposit your skins. Some websites offer CS:GO raffles and lotteries, on which you'll need to use coins to play. CSGO Gambling sites present players with a lot of games offering high rewards but with also a risk of losing everything. The principle behind CS:GO gambling is that you'll be using counter-strike skins instead of chips to play.

We at CS:GO Route

There are a lot of legitimate sites that offer CS:GO betting, but there are also scams and potentially dangerous sites. We at CS:GO Route helps players to save time by checking out the safety of the sites. We manually examine each gambling site, and we also check the variety of games available.

How do we pick sites?

We rank the top CS:GO betting sites by a lot of factors. Some factors include the player experience within the website. Another factor is how long the website has been operating. Our personal opinion also plays a part in the selection. 

CS:GO Gambling History

Counter-strike global offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooting game that has taken the world by storm. In recent months, CS:GO is pulling around 719,313 players and has hit a record of 1,228,875 players in a day.

Every after CS:GO game, players have a chance to obtain loots. It will be either weapon skins or cases that contain beautiful weapon skins.

Instead of having your inventory filled with junk items, CS:GO lets players trade their weapon skins with other players. This is how the CS:GO gambling industry started.